Video Game Music

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, mostly because of neglect, but also that thing we call “life” gets in the way. Every once in a while, I like to reveal some little bit of myself and imagine what life might have been like. So enjoy this little tidbit, though first a bit of a digression. […]

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Time dream

I had a dream where I was playing in the yard with my brother and a friend at my house near some apartments.  Suddenly a strange electromagnetic storm gathered.  The clouds were grey and plump and soon began to shape itself into what looked like a tornado.  No funnel cloud developed, but I could see […]

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The Christian Pulse

I envy you.  Truly I do.  I’m envious because you can simply know and feel rightly about homosexuality.  Yes, you, the celebrity, who lambastes opponents on their bigotry.  Yes, you, the pastor or priest, who is spiritually moved to plead for equality in God’s eyes.  Yes, you, the activists with emblazoned signs protesting the fire […]

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Missing Church: Part One

The summer months are upon us, though temperature outside would suggest otherwise. Lately I’ve had an itch to write something on the topic of church, and I think it’s time that I scratched it. These past few months, I have carried out an experiment. Well, not really. It’s not like there were any controls, so […]

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